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The HEPiX IPv6 Working Group was formed to investigate the many issues feeding into the transition to IPv6 in HEP and  in particular by WLCG (Worldwide LHC Computing Grid).

The HEPiX IPv6 working group was formed in 2011 with the following mandate.

Phase 1 of the work was to consider whether and how IPv6 should be deployed in HEP(especially for WLCG). This involved:
  • A Readiness and Gap analysis
  • The need to include all relevant HEP applications, middleware, security issues, system management and monitoring tools, and end-to-end network monitoring
  • Running a distributed HEPiX IPv6 testbed to explore all of the above issues
  • An initial report at the end of 2011
Following that initial report it was agreed that the work should continue and that phase 2 should include:
  • The proposal of a timetable and an analysis of the resources required for the deployment of IPv6 on WLCG
  • The production of an implementation plan including advice to HEP sites on deployment
Since then the group has been investigating, testing and planning for dual-stack services on WLCG and meeting regularly with quarterly face to face meetings at CERN and monthly video/phone meetings to review progress.
Contact : David Kelsey (STFC-RAL)
Links :
Working group meetings : http://indico.cern.ch/categoryDisplay.py?categId=3538
HEPiX IPv6 web : http://hepix-ipv6.web.cern.ch